Golden Kettlebell Award of Excellence

This award honors a client who demonstrates unwavering commitment in the relentless pursuit of a goal, and who embodies the spirit of MSSC.  The golden kettlebell will be presented to a person who refuses to fail, overcomes obstacles and pushes through barriers – all while remaining humble. Not only does this person have the courage to begin, they also have the strength and willingness to continue despite the challenges they encounter along the way.





Golden Kettlebell of Excellence to Kim Waltenbaugh

Kim and her wonderful daughter Emma came to MSSC in January 2016. Kim has lost over 60lbs so far! Anyone who has tried to lose weight knows the horrible fear and overwhelming feeling that comes along with getting started. It feels impossible! Most people give up because the task seems to big to overcome. Kim is proof you can do anything if you don't quit. She has fought through fear, adversity, doubt, and pain to get here. She is the perfect example of why I started MSSC. I will forever be greatful that Kim and Emma call MSSC their gym. Never stop believing you can!







Golden Kettlebell of Excellence to Deanna Alexander

D’s new life Begin in 2011. She was severally obese, had high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. D turned her life around and in 17months of hard work, she lost 83lbs. That’s pretty awesome, but that’s not why she received this award. It is because for 5 years, 2012-2017, she held a fulltime job, raised 2 kids, and dealt with injuries and pain, all while maintaining her weight. Even with all that, she had also managed to run over 3000 miles, completed 20 half marathons, 3 full marathons, 1 Ragnar Relay (team relay run from Chattanooga to Nashville), and trained 2-3 days a week at MSSC. D came to MSSC in 2013 because she knew she needed support and accountability to maintain her new lifestyle. D has faced serious challenges over these 5 years but lets nothing stop her. In 2016, D ran 780 miles and is one of MSSC most consistent clients. Somehow she still finds time to stay active in her Church and Community. D understands that without her health, what good is she to the ones who need her most. We should all strive to be more like D. 

D's advice to you - Whatever you did to lose the weight is what you need to continue to do to keep it off.





Golden Kettlebell of Excellence to Katrina Singer

Katrina began training at MSSC in 2016.  Though she knew she had a long journey ahead of her, she came into the gym with the proper mindset and determination.  She knew improving her health and changing her body would not happen overnight.  She decided to commit to a 90 Day Challenge.  During her first challenge, she lost 30 pounds and 22 inches.  Her results were inspiring and pushed her to continue and complete two additional 90 Day Challenges.  After three challenges, Katrina has become one of our strongest and fastest clients.  She’s lost over 65 pounds and 6 dress sizes.  She continues to eat healthy and exercise 5 - 6 days a week.  We asked Katrina about her obstacles during the 3 challenges and here’s what she said.  “I think my biggest obstacle has been food. Getting in my workouts was the easy part.  I thought working out would be hard, but I found that I actually love it.  Then when you start seeing the results, it makes it all worth it. I have always been one to eat when I'm bored and I never really thought about the calories I was putting in my body. Overcoming this is still a challenge but I take it day by day. It helps that I know my kids are watching everything I do, and I see them wanting to exercise.  That's encouraging.  They tend to want to snack on the same healthy foods that I choose to eat now and not the potato chips or cookies that I used to eat.  Being an example to my kids is what keeps me going.” 


Katrina’s advice to you - Exercise is just as important as eating healthy.  When you are consistent, you will see results.





Golden Kettlebell of Excellence to Grant Herndon

Grant began training at MSSC in 2016.  Grant completed three consecutive challenges and lost a total of 110 pounds in 11 months!  He came into MSSC with the right mindset and determination to change his life.  Grant’s commitment to long term changes through healthy eating and regular exercise has allowed him to not only lose weight, but also become healthier, stronger, and lives a more active and fulfilling lifestyle.  We asked Grant about his obstacles during the 3 challenges and how he overcame them.  Grant said, “Getting used to the food change was definitely the hardest obstacle. Changing my social life to make time for exercise and not eating and drinking all the junk in social settings was a challenge. My friend group was willing to find active activities that didn't revolve around eating and drinking. Also, having someone else in my home going through this with me helped a lot. But even if I was doing it alone there was more than enough support from trainers and other challenge participants!” 


Grant’s advice to you – “Keep pushing! Make it through till the end, and when you see that first before and after picture it will all be worth it! The first challenge was the hardest but now my life is changed forever for the best.”

Tough Mudder 2014